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Brian Falduto

Brian Falduto is a #gaycountry artist as well as an ICF certified LGBT Life Coach but he is best known for his child actor days as "that gay kid from School of Rock." Recently named by PrideLife Magazine as "one of the 20 most influential, outspoken, & optimistic individuals on the planet," Brian wrapped a #PrideTour this past summer performing across the country at Brooklyn Pride, Rhode Island Pride, Sacramento Pride, Kansas City Pride, & Dallas Pride. His Now This News interview has reached an audience of over 4.5 million & he's had similar reach with his Advocate essay. Brian is the lead in a new series, Fishing, which will hit the web soon. Meanwhile, you can catch his latest press & content updates here. Currently in NYC, Brian continues to sell out reputable venues & is now gearing up for the release of his 1st music video, an exciting project with an important message that has already gathered support from various brands, organizations, & artists - most notably Scott Rudin, Jack Black, Richard Linklater, GLAAD, & The Trevor Project.

Check out his episode to learn more about:

📢why stories can be the most effective form of advocacy
🎸what it was like growing up as "that gay kid" from School of Rock
🤷‍♂️what words make Brian lose 50% of his coaching clients before they even start - and why he likes it that way

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