Janis Luna

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Janis Luna

Janis is a stripper, writer, and sex work affirming therapist living and practicing in NYC. She graduated in 2019 with a MSW from Hunter College, where her thesis project was a qualitative study of sex work stigma in mental health care, then used to develop sex worker affirming cultural competency practices for clinicians. As a therapist, Janis brings a trauma-informed, somatic and movement therapy focused style to facilitate integration of mind-body approaches to healing, and explores with her clients the ways in which we use creative self-expression and intentional relationships in order to live more authentic, joyful, and embodied lives.

Check out her episode to learn more about:

🍆what those of us not in the sex industry can take into our lives
💵Why it's necessary to talk our financial realities when we talk relationships
🧦What Janis is interested in learning more about and why it has to do with what was in her brother’s sock drawer

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