Mark Fisher

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Within 3 years, Mark Fisher Fitness (MFF) has grown from a single personal trainer to a staff of over 25, nearly 700 members, and it’s own studio in midtown Manhattan. With a reputation as the fitness home of choice for the Broadway community, MFF has been featured in the NY Times, the NY Post, the Wall St. Journal, the Huffington Post, Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health and many other media outlets. MFF has made waves in the fitness industry for it’s unprecedented growth, industry leading results, and unique take on fitness. Living their mantra of “ridiculous humans, serious fitness,” MFF provides progressive training and nutrition protocols in a delivery system of subversive humor, fantastical imagery, and outrageous antics. They also inexplicably talk about unicorns, call their clients Ninjas, and treat fun, community, and personal growth as core values. Aside from fitness, Mark has served on the Advisory Board for NY City Center’s Off-Center, has helped MFF raise over $120,000 for various charities, and was a speaker at Broadway TEDx. In a previous life, Mark was a professional actor (BFA Syracuse University).

Check out his episode to learn more about:

👊🏽how to go from Broadway to serial entrepreneur in no time flat
👨🏽‍🏫being obsessed with skill aquisition
👫why bringing the people you love along for the ride can be the best decision

Mark knows the fitness industry inside and out - and BONUS! - never takes himself too seriously. He's here to answer your questions. We'll feature our favorite submissions on the@tm2cpodcast Instagram account!

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