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On this week's epsiode of #TM2CPodcast, we keep getting asked: What's the biggest piece of advice Meghan Offtermatt, co-host of How To Save The World Podcast & owner of Moss Consulting, had for us?

*Here it is folks: *

Implementing sustainability does not mean throwing what you already have in the trash.

So, what does Meghan use in her own kitchen to help keep waste to a minimum? Becuase god knows Jess and Andrew had no idea where to start.


🐝Beeswrap waxed wraps replace cling wrap and aluminum foil in Meghan's kitchen.


🍡Turns out the tea bags we throw away contain tons and tons of microplastics that are slowly destroying the environment. Meghan's go-to for loose leaf tea? ArborTeas.


πŸ‘‰πŸΎWant to know how Meghan avoids using disposable Britta filters, plus a step by step for city composting, links to her favorite bathroom and laundry products and more?

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