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Let's Put on Our (JHM) Jams

In this week's episode, we learned all about Ken Kubota's journey from Julliard student to internet sensation and founder of JHM Jams. Dear readers, may we recommend that you keep the fun going after the episode ends, with a little top 3 goodness and our #TM2C favorite #JHMJam videos of all time?


THIS IS SO SEXY C'MON! When we chatted with Ken, we got to talking about how classical musicians often have sight reading parties, and that's where the original idea for JHM Jams came from - it's an opportunity for a bunch of amazing artists (like these folks!) to get together, arrange and perform something in a 2 hour period. Most importantly, Ken says, the JHM Jams give these world class artists the chance to shake off their perfectionism and have some fun.


There was no way we'd make a favs list of JHM Jams and not include this CUTE AS A BUTTON episode with Ken's parents! From his Instagram: "It was fun playing this tune and my dad practiced extra hard to get his syncopations right (his weakness). My mom's a professional, but my dad is an engineer by trade who enjoys playing flute whenever he gets a chance."


This is perfect timing since Billie Eilish just won every Grammy in the entire universe - we can't stop listening to this gorgeous arrangement of Billie & Khalid's "Lovely". It's sort of hard to believe something that sounds this amazing was conceived and recorded in a living room in Manhattan in a few hours. You can also see, in this one, that change that Ken talks about in the episode, when he finally figured out what he wanted his thumbnails to look like - it goes from a little hard to read in this one, to big, bold and branded (which, if you follow us on social media, you know we love 🥰)

r u 🎧?

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